The Food Book The Food Book  
Glenn is the ambassador for the next evolution in Home Economics as recipe consultant and video host of The Food Book, launching nationally in 2010 to higher school students. The Food Book is a complete food and cookery package for Australian school students. Changing the way Australian students engage with food, The Food Book integrates recipes, skills, nutrition, health and food issues as never before.
Raw Materials - The Studio

Raw Materials – The Studio
Leading Australian food producer & importer, Raw Materials the Food Merchants, is delighted to announce the opening of Raw Materials – The Studio, Melbourne’s newest state-of-the-art kitchen demonstration kitchen, studio and events space.

Located within a lofty warehouse adjacent to the company’s Footscray headquarters the architect-designed facility will function as Raw Materials’ professional cooking and food photography studio, as well as a public venue which can be hired for corporate events, private dinners or cooking classes. 

The Studio has been frequented by prominent local and international chefs and food media, and hundreds of enthusiasts looking to celebrate cooking, fine ingredients and the enjoyment of food.

Melbourne Food & Wine Festival 2010 Pasta Percussion
Presented in the 2010 Melbourne Food & Wine Festival in collaboration with Raw Materials and chef Glenn Flood. This event will see Speak’s first exploration of the nexus between food and sound through the experience of cooking and music performance.

The audience will be progress through a five-course meal in which each dish is carefully coupled and conceptually intertwined with a percussion piece. The basic platform will be the relationship between pasta and percussion and the way in which the two senses correlate.

Pasta and Percussion can be traced back to a common ancestor word ‘kwet-’ in the pre-historic language Proto-Indo-European.

Over millennia, ‘kwet-’ has evolved into words related to shaking, striking or sprinkling – all actions of cooking and performing with percussion. Such words include squash, discuss, paste and pastry and related words in Italian, Hindi, Persian and Greek.
Footscray – Celebrating 150 years Footscray – Celebrating 150 years
A collaborative effort with winemaker Neil Prentice of Prentice wines. Engaging local artists Carmel Riordan and Julie Ughetti, this amazing Pinot Gris was hand labelled and sold to celebrate the 150th year of the city of Footscray. All profits from the wine went to Footscray Food Van for the Homeless, now in its 20th year of serving those less fortunate.